How To Get Soda Out Of Carpet?

Though soda stains are not that difficult to remove, one must know how to get soda out of carpet at home. Even when we exercise caution, spills occur, and if you’re faced with a Coke stain on your carpet, the prospect of having to pick between an unsightly, dark, blotchy stain and replacing your carpet is not one you want to consider.

It’s easy for soda to slosh and spill, whether in a can, bottle, or glass.

Soda, particularly black or bright, colorful soda, is infamous for staining the teeth of those who consume it regularly. Therefore, it seems to sense that soda would leave a stain comparable to coffee when spilled on carpet or cloth.

Fortunately, with prompt action and a little patience, several stain removal solutions may effectively remove that unsightly soda stain from your carpet and return it to its original appearance.

What Causes The Soda To Stain and How To Get Soda Out Of Carpet?

Soda has a variety of chemicals that contribute to its stain-causing nature. Soda contains a range of synthetic dyes that contribute to its dark hue or its dazzling color in the case of red, blue, and grape sodas.

Tannin is one form of dye found in soda. This naturally occurring vegetable pigment contributes to the black color and bitter taste of coffee and tea in particular. Tannins are a component of sodas and contribute to the deep, dark color that is notoriously difficult to remove once it bleeds into your carpet.

Along with tannin, soda contains many other additives, such as sweeteners, which can not only cause stains but also leave your carpet sticky, attracting dirt and debris and making your carpet appear even darker and dingier.

Between the colors, sugars, and acid in soda, it’s enough to cause havoc on your carpet in the event of a spill. However, despite its proclivity for staining, a Coke spill does not have to spell the end of your lovely, fluffy carpet.

With prompt action and the use of various chemicals and do-it-yourself home remedies, you should be able to overcome even the most stubborn soda stains. However, it is critical to move quickly and decisively to prepare oneself for success. Whether you’re dealing with a dark, crimson, or grape-colored soda stain, the following strategies may be beneficial in assisting you in removing your most recent carpet soda stain.

How To Get Soda Out Of Carpet With Blotting?

A gloved hand using a sponge to clean the beige carpet.

When dealing with a soda stain, the most critical step is to absorb as much of the spilled liquid as possible promptly.

As soon as a spill occurs, it would help if you acted immediately. Allowing the liquid to permeate into your carpet over an extended period causes the stain to become lodged deeper into the carpet’s fibers, making removal more difficult.

Begin by grabbing the most absorbent cloth or towel available. A cotton terry cloth or a piece of paper towel will suffice. Some may want to begin with a soft sponge.

Blot the liquid gently, taking care not to scrub or rub the area. While it may seem reasonable that aggressive action would assist remove a soda stain of carpet, it might have the opposite effect, rubbing the stain deeper and possibly ruining your carpet.

Utilize a white or light-colored cloth to aid in monitoring the black or bright liquid soda absorption. Continue rotating the cloth and utilizing white spots to absorb the liquid, noting when the material stops darkening.

This indicates that you have likely absorbed all of the fluids you are capable of absorbing at this point.

Once this phase is complete, take note of whether or not the area is dry. If the stain is still damp, you can begin lifting and lightening it with one (or more) of the procedures described below.

However, if the soda stain is dried, you may want to lightly moisten it with a damp cloth or a spray bottle before proceeding.

The following stain treatment solutions should put you in a good position to remove the soda stain and restore your carpet to its former splendor.

Sodium Bicarbonate Plus Lemon Juice To Remove Soda Stain Of Carpet

Ingredients for a natural eco-friendly cleanser.

If you’re seeking a natural and do-it-yourself solution for absorbing and lightening your soda stain, a combination of salt and lemon juice may be a decent choice.

Drizzle a small amount of lemon juice, either fresh or bottled, onto the stain-affected region. Lemon is acidic, and this property acts as a natural lightener, which works particularly well on dark stains such as soda.

You can also follow the lemon juice with a solution of white vinegar and water if you like to add another stain-fighting agent before or in place of the salt, as white vinegar is highly effective at targeting stains.

Following the lemon juice application, spoon some table salt onto the soiled region of your carpet.

Allow many hours, or perhaps overnight, for this combination to set, depending on the time of day you apply it.

This allows the salt to absorb the majority of the residual liquid from deep within the fibers of your carpet, effectively lifting the stain from the carpet. The lemon juice can immediately begin working on lightening the discoloration.

After several hours, allow the mixture to dry completely and then use a vacuum cleaner to extract the salt crystals deep inside the carpet.

After vacuuming the salt, use a spray bottle or a damp rag to wipe the affected area with cold water to remove any remaining lemon juice from your carpet since this could leave the area sticky and accumulate dirt on the place of the former stain.

Remove Soda Stains Off Carpet With Dishwashing Liquid with White Vinegar

A gloved hand using a sponge and spritzer to clean the brown carpet.

A combination of dish detergent and white vinegar is one solution for removing that unsightly soda stain. Both are excellent stain fighters and are frequently found in the home.

Combine one tablespoon dish detergent, one tablespoon vinegar, and two cups of warm water in a spray bottle and apply sparingly to the source of the stain, taking care not to over-saturate the area.

You will not use a large amount of this mixture, as the dish detergent, in particular, is extremely strong and has excellent suds-producing capabilities.

Dab the afflicted area until the stain is cleared, reapplying solution as necessary.

After removing the stain and completing the procedure, rinse the area with small amounts of cold water to dilute and absorb the remaining soap and vinegar. If your carpet is giving odor after you use this technique, you can also read how to remove vinegar smell out from carpet.

You do not want to leave any of the combinations behind, as the vinegar may leave a harsh odor, and the soap may cause the carpet to apply thick or clumpy, resulting in dirt accumulation.

Final touches

With a towel, a hand wipes the damp carpet.

Whichever solution you choose from the list above, it is critical to clean the soda stain off carpet area following treatment thoroughly. Always completely rinse any substance used on the carpet with cold water once your treatment is complete.

Take care to blot the water from your carpet, attempting to dry as much of it by hand as possible. There is no need to scour the area or rub the water into the carpet. This may result in carpet damage. Direct a low-speed fan toward the region after rinsing the area and drying it as much as possible by hand. This helps dry the area more quickly, reaching deep into the fibers to help prevent mold or mildew growth.

After your carpet is completely dry, vacuum over the area to restore its natural fluff and consistency. Whichever method – or methods – you select to you know how to get soda out of carpet, rest assured that it is possible to restore your carpet to health.

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