5 Best Ways How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

If you’re looking for the best way how to get slime out of carpet, I’m guessing your kids had a lot of fun and made a large mess. Slime is entertaining to play with, but it’s not so much when it comes to removing it from your carpet.

Slime, also known as a non-newtonian fluid, is a mixture of common household ingredients that combine to form a polymer substance that operates as both a liquid and a solid at the same time. How you play with slime determines whether it behaves like a liquid or a solid.

When you have slime on hand, playing with your infant at home can be a lot more enjoyable. It’s amusing to watch your child use the slime to create various shapes as it transitions between liquid and solid states.

This entire scenario is an incredible method to study science. Slime is popular among some individuals because of its viscid and stretchy.

Additionally, squishing slime between your fingers can help you relax and de-stress. If you’re one of the fortunate parents who hasn’t had to deal with slime in their carpets, now is the greatest time to learn how to remove slime from the carpet.

Accidents are unavoidable, and having this piece of information on hand will be beneficial.

Although playing with slime can be a lot of fun, it can be difficult to clean up if it spills on our carpet; it’s even more difficult if the slime dries up on the carpet.

Many individuals, especially mothers, will agree that cleaning or removing slime from the carpet or anywhere else in the house (including your children’s clothes, bodies, and hair) may be a chore, especially if you aren’t sure how to do it.

We’ll discuss how to get slime out of carpet in this article. To better understand how to remove slime from carpet, it will be helpful to understand the many forms of slime and what slime is made of.

Know Slime’s Different Types Before Starting

  • Slime without borax

Borax is a disinfectant. Because some parents dislike the harshness of borax on their children’s skin, they avoid making slime with it. On the other hand, some parents are fine with borax and use it to make slime.

  • Slime Removal

This slime works similarly to a lint brush in that it removes dirt from keyboards and other electrical devices. It’s a slime that’s a little thicker.

  • A fluffy slime

It feels like you’re clutching a marshmallow when you handle this type of slime. It is one of the most popular varieties of slime for children, especially young children because it is enjoyable to squish for both children and adults.

  • Unicorn Slime or Glitter Slime

This is a popular choice among young females. It is another popular choice among children. This slime is made with the standard slime recipe and glitters.

  • A slime that glows in the dark

This form of slime can be made at home using non-toxic substances. As the name implies, the slime is created to glow in the dark.

  • Slime That Pops

It’s usually produced with various beads and Styrofoam pellets, then blended with ordinary slime.

What are the Ingredients in Slime?

Slime can be manufactured with a variety of materials. Borax, contact solution, food coloring, cornstarch, glitter, liquid laundry detergent, shampoo, shaving cream, and white school glue are all common ingredients in basic slime.

Let’s speak about how to get slime out of carpet now that you have a better knowledge of what slime is and what it’s made of. Several methods for removing slime from the carpet, depending on whether the slime is dry or moist.

Depending on the amount of strain on the carpet, slime can be removed with vinegar, WD40, baking soda, club soda, warm water, rubbing alcohol, citrus solvent, liquid dish soap, or hydrogen peroxide, similar to removing wax out from the carpet.

Pre-cleaning Procedure for Slime-Stained Carpets

As soon as you notice a slime stain on your carpet (no matter how minor), take immediate action. This pre-cleaning Step is required to remove slime from your carpet successfully.

You will have less cleanup work to perform later if you collect as much of the slime leak as possible. A knife or a spoon is the best tool to use for this pre-cleaning Step.

When removing the slime with the knife or spoon, be careful not to spread the slime and cause a larger stain. If the slime is still moist, clean it up with baby wipes or a paper towel.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet With The Help Of Vinegar

  • 1st Step

To begin, use your hand to manually remove as much slime as possible while the slime is still moist.

  • 2nd Step

Vacuum the carpet with your vacuum cleaner with a powerful wand. To remove the excess slime, move the vacuum cleaner in various directions. Ensure the slime is completely dry before proceeding; if it is still wet, it will block the vacuum cleaner. If the slime is still wet, skip this step and go straight to the next.

  • 3rd Step

Get your vinegar ready. In a spray bottle, combine one part of warm water and two parts of white vinegar. Shake the bottle well before spraying the solution directly on the slime. Allow the mixture to sit on the carpet for a few minutes or until the slime has begun to dissolve.

  • 4th Step

Wipe the slime with a paper towel and remove it with your hand. If there is still slime on the carpet, spritz it with extra vinegar and wait a few minutes before cleaning it away with a paper towel. Rep this procedure until the slime has been entirely removed from the carpet.

Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar and baking soda are two of the most popular household cleaning agents. The acetic acid in vinegar dissolves stains and filth. When you combine vinegar and baking soda, you’ll have a powerful reaction that will help you remove slime stains from your carpet. This works even on wax and removal of hair dye stains from the carpets with good effect

A scraping tool, a vacuum cleaner, 2 cups white vinegar, 1 cup baking soda, a sponge, a pail of warm water, and a dry cloth are required. We’ll presume the slime is dried for this technique. The following are the measures to take:

  • With the blunt scraping instrument, you may break up any large chunks of slime.
  • Vacuum the area until it is as slime-free as possible.
  • On the stained area, sprinkle baking soda.
  • Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray it on the stain until it is soaked and the baking soda interacts with the vinegar.
  • Allow the mixture to sit on the slime stain for at least five minutes before wiping it away with the sponge.
  • Blot the stain until it disappears.
  • Soak the sponge in water to clean it. Clean any leftover vinegar and baking soda from the carpet with a sponge. Rinse the sponge thoroughly.

Water stains sometimes are tough on carpets, learn how to get water stains out of carpet easily.

Using the dry cloth, dry the spot.

  • Getting Rid of Remaining Stains

You could find that the slime hue is still visible on the carpet after you’ve removed the slime. This is especially likely when the slime is blue, black, or green. There are several methods for removing the leftover color/stain of store-bought and homemade slime from your carpet.

  • How to Get Rid of Store-Bought Slime’s Remaining Color/Stain

Spot-treat the remaining stain with an all-purpose carpet cleaning detergent. Wait a few minutes after spraying the detergent on the color-stained area. Wipe the stain with a microfiber cloth until slime stains are completely gone.

  • How to get rid of leftover color/stain from homemade slime

When the slime is homemade, and the color is achieved through food coloring, the best technique to remove the stain is to treat it with homemade detergent. The following are the measures to take:

  • 1st Step

Combine dishwashing liquid, a tablespoon of vinegar, and warm water in a mixing bowl. Replace the vinegar with ammonia if you used a bright food coloring like red to make the slime.

  • 2nd Step

Apply the mixture to the stain to treat it. Allow five minutes for the process to complete.

  • 3rd Step

Wipe the soiled area with a microfiber cloth gently. The color should be stained on the material you’re using.

To avoid spreading the color back over the carpet, switch the sides of the cloth. Continue blotting until no more color is visible on the carpet.

How to Remove Slime From a Carpet Without Using Vinegar

You can remove slime from your carpet without using vinegar. Other cleaning chemicals include rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), WD40, warm water, citrus solvent, club soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid dish soap.

I’ve successfully removed turmeric stains from the carpet with hydrogen peroxide.

How to Remove Sticky Glitter Slime From Your Carpet

The majority of household slimes contain glitter. Glitter slime stains on your carpet can be quite difficult to remove. Wait for the carpet to dry after removing the slime.

Vacuum the carpet first. Using the vacuum cleaner, go over the area multiple times. Because glitter has microscopic particles that are extremely sticky, you’re doing this.

You can also use masking tape or sticky tape. Wrap your hand around it with the sticky side facing out. Apply a little touch to the glittery area with your hand. If necessary, replace the sticky tape and continue the process until the carpet is free of glitter.

How to Get Dry Slime Out of a Carpet

Slime stains on your carpet might sometimes go undetected until they’ve dried up. Not to worry; there are several techniques outlined below that you may follow to restore your carpet to its former glory.

Applying ice to the slime stain is one approach for getting dried slime out of your carpet.

Place ice on top of the dried slime and wait 10 minutes to freeze. Once the slime has frozen, you may easily remove the ice and shatter the slime.

Continue vacuuming the frozen slime’s breaking parts. Before applying ice, make sure the slime is completely dry, and then use the vacuum to suck the broken, frozen chunks.

Because silly putty belongs to the same family as slimes, this method can also remove it from the carpet. If you use a vacuum cleaner to suck wet, unfrozen slime, it will block the unit.

So, while all of the methods to remove slime from carpet described below use vacuum cleaners, be sure the slime has dried before using one. Also, don’t try to flush slime down the drain, no matter how microscopic it is.

  • Using Boiling Water

Slime can sometimes be removed from your carpet with merely hot water. Even though slime is not water-soluble, you can easily remove slime from your carpet by scraping and rinsing the old-fashioned way.

Water can be used as a high-traffic carpet cleaning daily because it will not harm your carpet. A butter knife or other rough scraping implement, a pail of warm water, a vacuum cleaner, a sponge, and a dry cloth are required for this approach.

Break up and scrape away huge bits of slime from your carpet using a butter knife. Vacuum the carpet a few times to remove any loose bits of slime. Soak the sponge in warm water and dab the stain after you’ve removed as much slime as possible with the knife.

The water’s heat will loosen the residual slime. Wipe the carpet with the dry cloth after the water has stayed on it for a minute.

  • Using Club Soda as a Base

Although this procedure is similar to utilizing warm water, club soda has a greater cleaning power than warm water. Carbonic acid is found in club soda. Carbonic acid is a gentle cleaning agent that eats away at slime stains on the carpet, making it easier to remove.

If hot water does not remove the slime from the carpet, club soda should be the Next Step.

A blunt scraping tool, vacuum cleaner, three cups of club soda, a dry cloth, and a spray bottle are all required for this cleaning method.

Scrape the slime apart using the scraping tool, vacuum the carpet to remove any remaining slime. Scrape and suction until the debris/slime cannot be removed any longer.

Fill the spray bottle halfway with club soda and saturate the slime stain completely. Allow at least six minutes for the club soda to sit on the carpet stain. After that, blot the affected area with a dry cloth.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

Another useful cleaning chemical is isopropyl alcohol, which may be used to remove slime stains from your carpet, among other things. Rubbing alcohol is another name for it.

Rubbing alcohol can be either ethanol-based liquids or isopropyl alcohol, and however, due to the bitterants added, it is considered undrinkable.

When using rubbing alcohol on your carpet, follow these precautions.

Before applying rubbing alcohol to a soiled section of your carpet, test it on an inconspicuous region of the carpet to see if it retains its color.

Allow no rubbing alcohol to get into contact with the carpet backing; otherwise, the carpet will be harmed.

Two cups of rubbing alcohol, a vacuum cleaner, a sponge, and a blunt scraper are required to remove slime from the carpet with rubbing alcohol.

Scrape and vacuum huge dirt out of your carpet until you can’t get any more slime out. After that, carefully blot the discoloration with a sponge dampened with undiluted rubbing alcohol.

Clean the sponge as needed and continue the process until the slime stain has vanished entirely from the carpet before you walk on the carpet, open windows for cross-ventilation and air drying.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen peroxide is another cleaning chemical that can remove slime from carpets. With its frothiness, hydrogen peroxide fights filth and stains, breaks down slime into components, and makes it simple to remove slime from carpets. Carpets can be bleached using hydrogen peroxide!

Before applying it to the soiled area, test it on an inconspicuous region of your carpet to see if it bleaches the carpet. Having stated that, only light-colored carpets should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.

Gather a scraping tool, sponge, dry cloth, vacuum cleaner, warm water, a spray bottle, and hydrogen peroxide to begin cleaning. The following are the measures to take:

  • Use a scraper to remove the slime from your carpet. Vacuum any debris that has accumulated on the carpet.
  • Combine 3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide solution and half a cup of warm water in a mixing bowl. Fill a spray bottle halfway with the solution and spray it on the stain until it is soaked.
  • Leave the solution on the stain for at least 5 minutes.
  • Using a sponge, blot the affected area. Rep till the stain is completely gone.
  • To dry the area, use a dry cloth.
  • Citrus Solvent is a type of solvent used to clean citrus fruits.

Because citrus solvent breaks through slime stains, it can get rid of slime from the carpet. Citrus solvents are less likely to damage your carpet than other harsh industrial household cleaning solutions.

However, test the citrus solvent on an inconspicuous portion of the carpet before using it on the rest of the carpet to ensure it does not change the color. Also, when using the citrus solvent to clean your carpet, remember to use gloves.

You’ll need a pail of water, a scraping instrument, a dry towel, a sponge, and a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet with citrus solvent successfully. After that, follow the steps below:

  1. Break up the dried slime into bits with the scraping instrument.
  2. Vacuum up the sludge that has gotten loose.
  3. Apply the diluted citrus solvent to the slime stain with the sponge.
  4. Blot the stain with a sponge after following the manufacturer’s directions for the recommended time for the citrus solvent to stay on the stain.
  5. Soak the sponge in water and rinse it after blotting the spot with it.
  6. Wipe up any remaining solvent and use a cloth or towel to dry the carpet.
  • Dishwashing Soap (Liquid)

Liquid dish soap is commonly used to remove stains from carpets, but it can also remove slime. A pail of warm water, a dry cloth, a scraping instrument, and a vacuum cleaner are required.

Scrape off as much slime as possible with the scraping tool, then vacuum up the debris.

Using two cups of warm water, combine one teaspoon of unscented and clear liquid dish soap. Fill a spray container halfway with the mixture. Spray the slime stain with the mixture.

Wipe the stain off the carpet with a sponge and repeat the process until the stain is gone. The sponge should then be thoroughly rinsed, soaked in clean water, then dabbed at the place to remove any remaining soapy water.

Finally, use a clean and dry cloth to dry the carpet.

After you’ve successfully removed the stain from the carpet, steam cleans it for a nice finish.

Conclusion : How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet At Home!

You must be vigilant if slime spills on your carpet, as much as your children want to have fun with it. You’ve learned how to get slime out of carpet in a variety of ways, so you shouldn’t be concerned if slime appears on your carpet.

Replace vinegar with WD40 in very dry and stubborn cases of slime stain and follow the same instructions as above. If you follow the techniques outlined in this article, you should have a nice-looking carpet all year!

This post can benefit a friend in the same way it helped you; there are a few others out there looking for instructions on how to get slime out of carpet; share this page with them and save them the trouble. You could save someone’s life.

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