[4 Best Ways] How To Get Hair Dye Out Of Carpet At Home!

how to get hair dye out of carpet

Getting hair dye out of carpet can be pretty tricky as it leaves a stain very fast. Because of that and considering it to be hard, most people decide to buy new or throw the carpet away when this happens. Well, believe it or not, removing hair dye from a carpet is possible if you’re willing to put in a little effort. If you will pay attention, you will learn how you can do it easily at home.

While there are several ways to deal with this situation, I will go through a few of the most popular methods. Not only are these safe to use and cheap, but they also work great. So no matter if you have red or black one spill over your carpet, you will get the solution.

How To Get Hair Dye Out of Carpet At Home?

When choosing how to do it, select a method that is easy for you to manage. Also, try not to damage the carpet even further as this will make things even harder for you in the future. And of course, don’t forget how much time you will need to invest in doing so. If removing hair dye from carpet can be done in 10 minutes. Then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to get rid of that stain quickly and easily. So, let start how do you get hair dye out of carpet at home:

Method 1: Using Alcohol, Vinegar, and Dish Soap

Combining alcohol, vinegar, and dish soap is a smart way removing hair dye from carpet. Not only can this method help you remove the stain, but it will also give your carpet a fresh scent. Here’s how do you get hair dye out of carpet:

1) Start by mixing an equal amount of rubbing alcohol with vinegar. You can either use white alcohol or apple cider vinegar. Both are equally effective in dealing with this problem. Once the two liquids are mixed, add some dish soap (any brand will do). Make sure the entire mixture has the same consistency as water before moving on to step number 2 to know about removing hair dye from carpet!

2) Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it evenly over that stained area. Be careful not to overspray as it might cause some damage to the carpet. After spraying, wait for about 15 minutes until most of the mixture is dried up.

3) Next, go over that stained area with a damp towel. Press firmly down on it but don’t rub – lift again. Please repeat this step until you can see how the stain is being treated and how much it has gone so far. At this point, how deep the stain goes will determine how long you keep rubbing away at that piece of cloth. When finished, use clean water and dry your carpet afterward!

Method 2: Using an Ammonia Cleaning Solution

Ammonia is a compelling cleaning solution that can help how to get hair dye out of carpet fast. Here’s how you do it:

1) Pour some ammonia into a spray bottle filled up with water and mix well.

2) Spray this on the stained area, wait for it to dry, and then go over that spot using a damp towel. After repeating this step until you see how much of the stain is gone. If most of it is clean, use clean water and dry your carpet thoroughly!

3) Another method is using ammonia. Mixing an equal amount of dish soap with an ammonia-water solution. Using either white or apple cider vinegar, you can then use this solution to clean the carpet.

4) Cleaning with ammonia is very effective and works great on its own. However, if you’re going for a more long-term solution that will also help. Plus, your carpet stay cleaner in general, several other factors need to be considered.

When buying any cleaning products to get hair dye out of carpet or anything else for that matter. Always go through the labels carefully!

Look at how many chemicals they contain, and how many are safe but how many might damage the fabric of your carpet!

If possible, choose products how do not contain any chemicals or substances.

Method 3: Applying Hydrogen Peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide to get it out of the carpet at home is also very popular. Here’s how to get hair dye out of carpet with hydrogen peroxide:

1) Start by mixing equal parts of hydrogen peroxide with water.

2) Dab a cotton ball to get hair dye out of the carpet or some old rag in that mixture and dab this over the stain. Keep doing so until you feel how much I can get out of carpet . Clean your carpet thoroughly afterward using clean water!

3) Hydrogen peroxide will also help removing hair dye from carpet if you use it straight up. That also without any other products added to the mix. Spray some onto that stained area and wait for it to dry. Then go over that spot using a damp towel after repeating this step until you see how visible is the stain on the carpet.

This is how do you get hair dye out of carpet with the help of hydrogen peroxide and water!

Method 4: Using Hairspray, Astringent, Baby Shampoo

Here is another popular method to removing hair dye from carpet at home. All you need is a hairspray, Astringent, and readily available baby shampoo. Here is how it works:

1) Start by mixing equal amounts of hairspray and astringent.

2) Spray this over the stained area, wait for it to dry, and then go over that spot using a damp towel. After repeating keep doing until you see how much hair dye from carpet is gone. Clean your carpet thoroughly afterward using clean water!

3) If desired, you can also use baby shampoo to get hair dye out of the carpet instead of the astringent mixture. Just spray some baby shampoo onto that stained and spray on the hairspray mixture. After that, go over the stained area using a damp towel and clean in no time and you will be removing hair dye from carpet!

How To Treat Fresh Dye Stain vs. Dried Dye Stain

The old one is much more difficult to remove, I explain in other post how to get wax out of carpet easily. However, in this case, you should find professional carpet cleaning services to help you out. This way, the technicians will know how best can treat dried dye stains on your carpet. However, if the colors are fresh, there are some steps that you can take to clean them up:

Step 1 ~~ Preparation and Materials Required

Before you start cleaning any fresh hair dye stain from your carpet. Make sure that all materials needed are ready for use and easy to access. These include:

  • Cotton balls
  • Paper towels
  • Clean water (the microfiber ones work best)
  • Stain pretreater or carpet spot remover spray
  • Spray bottle
  • Damp cloth

Step 2 ~~ Blot out the Stain and Clean up the Accumulated Residue with Paper Towels or Cotton Balls

The main advantage of paper towels and cotton balls is that they can absorb dye residue. Take some to wipe out the dye that has landed on your carpet. Do it gently without rubbing too hard, so you will not make the stain spread even more. Some people recommend using a damp cloth or towel. But others say this will make you apply the dye stains around further. That’s why using paper towels if it is available, or use old clothes to clean up is good. Both ways would work best when blotting out fresh hair dye stain from the carpet.

Step 3 ~~ Use Stain Pretreater With Water To Clean Up Wet Dye Stain.

If there are still wet spots after neutralizing the dye, you can use clean water and spray some on the stain. Then, use paper towels or cotton balls to absorb as much of it as possible. Repeat this step until the wet spot is gone and your carpet is clean.

Step 4 ~~ Apply Residue Remover to Absorb Dried Dye Stain.

After removing the entire residue from your carpet using stain pretreater spray. There might still be some dried dye stain left on your carpet. Here, you should apply another layer of residue remover and let it sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming. This way, you will ensure that most of the residue has been cleaned up. That too, without further damaging your carpet’s fabric with a harsh scrubbing tool. By now, you must be wondering how to get hair dye out of carpet and how easily it is working.

Step 5 ~~ Clean the Area after Treating Dye Stain

After cleaning up your dye stain, make sure you clean the carpet area around it to remove any leftover stain. That might have been spread during stain removal. Use a damp cloth for this purpose.

Then, please leave all of these materials to dry on your own and wash the tools after they are completely dried out. This way, there will be no odor from chemicals or leftover residue when using them next time.

I am sure now you know how to get hair dye out of carpet at home without spending much money.

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